Hunt for the gay planet…

First off, let me reflect a bit on something most of us probably has experienced dozens of times; being “victims” of political correctness. I’m not talking about that stupid nonsense political correctness Donald Trump is bitching about, but the one where you don’t feel you can critisize something because it “hides” behind a subject where critique is not publicly accepted , i.e. homosexuality, race etc. This is a sensitive  matter exactly because many people throughout history has expressed hate toward these type of subjects, and therefore the political correctness “movement” came in as a counter part to this unacceptable behavior. But there’s always the debate on where the line is drawn, and sometimes these lines are kind of blurry and we tend to go the direction of rather being a bit political correct than get our head chopped off, which I really, totally get. But is this ALWAYS the right way to go? I mean that in some cases it actually undermine the cause, and in this weeks’s blog post I’ll talk about this piece of edit that actually got me mad for exactly this reason!

The Hunt for the Gay Planet

The Hunt for the Gay Planet is a classic interactive fiction made in Twine. It’s a reaction to the fact that EA, in their game Star Wars: The Old Republic, released a planet with gay people as an in-game purchase. The fact that this particular planet was released, but only  if you PAID for it got a reaction of disgust and hatred, which I really understand. This is also very good foundation for a reaction of any kind, also electronic literature… But have you ever read a book where you were left with the feeling “Damn, this book had a really good potential because the subject is so good, too bad it was THIS writer f****d it all up!”? Well, this was one of those for me… As I mentioned earlier, this is a great foundation, a really important subject to address, but without the Shield of Political Correctness this piece would never had the right of life in my opinion. Well, I may be a little harsh here, but let’s that it at least wouldn’t ever be included in the Electronic Literature Collection. As a piece of Elit in itself it is boring, shallow, linear and with an overly sexual undertone. It is one-dimensional, and portray gay people in a rather unflattering, stereotypical manner. I’ll add here that I have never been a very outspoken gay rights warrior, not that I’m against it either, I think all men and women should be treated equally no matter sexuality, beliefs or race. However, I don’t think it’s good for a cause to get special treatment either! I get that this piece is supposed to parody stereotypes, and that it is supposed to have the same sort of tasteless portrayal of gay people, but the narrative in this one was so horrible and one-dimensional that it only got tasteless. The over sexualization of all gay people in this story does not come through as parodic, but rather as “this is how gay people are”, it also enhances the stereotype of them not being as everybody else! But apart from a bad characters, the storyline itself  did NOT do justice to this cause. In another case, I wouldn’t have looked at this piece twice, but as a reaction to such an important subject, the only thing this piece has is just that, that, the subject! To me, subjects like these are important to elevate, but done poorly, I feel it damages more than it does good. This is a good example where political correctness don’t necessarily helps, but rather create a void – Why should’t gay people only get one planet (that costs money!), when all they “deserve” is this half-assed piece of electronic literature? You tell me…


Author: Daniel Sebastian

Professional wrestler for 17 years going strong! Father of the most beautiful girl in the world... Student of all things digital. Designer by heart!

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