The first thing I want to point out with this piece that weren’t talked much about in class is the fact that its sophisticated simplicity makes up what I believe to be the very essence of what “traditional literature-meets the digital” should be. The way the text is presented in a skewmorphic way, meaning it’s presented as “text on paper”, accompanied by audio and video, to me, is Electronic Literature in its purest and most undisputed form. The multimodality, which only can be achieved through digital platform enriches this text in a way no traditional literature would be able to. The navigation is also pleasant due to use of javascript instead of traditional HTML and CSS, which gives it a much smoother and non-website feel. Having said this, it’s definitely worth mentioning that this is a heartbreaking, yet beautifully told  story about how it is living with a terminal disease and asexual orientation in a time where neither is socially accepted. We sort of get the feeling of having discovered this persons inner most private thoughts and feelings through his diary and letters, which gives the reader insight into different, and more often than not, more or less incoherent bits and pieces of his life, which after just a little while makes up the story of a man living in a world that does not accept him, or people like him, for who he is, and if that weren’t enough his lifestyle is also indirectly what kills him. Even though we only see this from his perspective, the theme of this piece also paints a picture of how gay people were treated in this time in history, and the fact that AIDS spread like wildfire in the gay community added to the hate and stigmatization of these people. The multimodal elements sort of put an augmented reality layer to it, when a part of the text for instance could be accompanied by a a news report, either directly related to the content, or just touching upon the subject, but through the view of that point of times attitude toward the subject. Living in our modern time where these lifestyles are perfectly normal and accepted, at least by the norm, these elements of time-travelling REALLY helps us grasp the situation, something that would be much harder to do through conventional literature, then we would only have the author’s word for it, but here we can actually see it for ourselves. I love the way this story was told, even though it was a sad one, and to make a call-back to my blogpost on The Hunt For The Gay Planet, which i slaughtered for not giving justice to a really important cause, this one really, truly does.

For my own piece, I’m really thinking of shifting my focus due to the fact that what I want to do seems a bit harder than I first thought. I don’t just want to do it, I want it to have some quality to it as well. I still want to do something in 360, but I’m not sure the Blindfullness is going to happen. I have no idea of what theme to focus on yet, but know that when it’s decided that much of my time will be spent on it.

Until next time, Dannyboy out!


Author: Daniel Sebastian

Professional wrestler for 17 years going strong! Father of the most beautiful girl in the world... Student of all things digital. Designer by heart!

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